When Is the Best Time to Replace my Roof?

If every day offered sunny, mild, and pleasant 75-degree weather, there’d be little question about the best time to replace a roof. However, weather conditions vary greatly across the country, making this a more nuanced decision.

When we are asked, “When is the best time to replace a roof?” our answer will depend on their location and the seasonal weather patterns. Here are some general guidelines to consider for each season:


Spring marks the start of roofing season, with rising temperatures and increased activity. As ice and snow melt, it’s also a prime time for homeowners to check for roof damage. While spring temperatures are favorable for workers, the season also brings a higher chance of severe thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes in certain regions. Spring can be a good time for roof replacement if you monitor the weather forecast closely to avoid rainstorms and high winds.


After spring showers, summer offers longer stretches of good weather, making it an ideal time for roof installation. However, with the potential for hot days, the best time to work on a roof is early in the morning when temperatures are cooler. Depending on the forecast, the job might need to be spread over several days to avoid the hottest parts of the day.


Fall can be just as good for roof replacement as summer, with cooler temperatures and less severe weather. The exception is areas prone to hurricanes, as hurricane season lasts until the end of November and can cause delays. Fall is a popular time for roof replacement because many homeowners want to secure their properties before winter.


In some parts of the country, roofing work can continue year-round, including during winter. In southern regions, roof replacements are often possible in winter due to milder weather. However, in areas with regular ice and snow, very cold weather is not suitable for installing asphalt shingles. Self-sealing shingles need warm, sunny conditions for several days to seal properly. Shingles installed in fall or winter might not seal until the following spring and are vulnerable to wind damage before sealing. As you know, Kentucky’s winter weather can vary from month to month and year to year so we we always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions for cold weather installations and exercise discretion about whether to proceed with or postpone the work based on weather conditions.

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