Wintertime Roofing Repair, Should I Wait?

The last thing folks want to think about during the cold winter months is roof repairs, but sometimes there’s little choice. Luckily roofing during a Kentucky winter isn’t as hard as you might think it is – usually, it just takes a little extra planning and careful prep work.

Should You Undergo Roof Repairs In The Winter?

There’s nothing like a cold Kentucky winter to help you realize that your roof’s insulation is underperforming and in need of attention… and there’s nothing like a Lexington ice storm to help you discover that your roof has suddenly developed a leak. In both cases, the question becomes whether you should fix your roof right away or if you should wait until spring or summer to deal with it?

Ultimately it depends, however, If the problem is bad enough that it’s causing you serious issues right now then you can bet it isn’t going to get better with time. If the problem isn’t causing major damage at the moment, will you be safe waiting to address it when warmer weather arrives?

With this in mind, your best bet is to call a professional roofing company with many years of practical winter roofing experience under its belts. A knowledgeable roofing company will be able to assess the severity of your roof repair and let you know if you should get it fixed ASAP, or whether you can hold off until warmer weather returns.

Things Roofing Contractors Should Consider With Winter Roof Repairs

Even though the busiest season in Kentucky’s roofing industry is, without a doubt, the summer, we’re still hard at work repairing roofs in Louisville and Lexington throughout the cold winter months. Our talented crews of local roofing experts know what it takes to repair a roof the right way, even when that roof is under a foot of snow.

If it sounds like we’re bragging, it’s because we are! We take great pride in being counted as one of the best local roofing companies and we know we wouldn’t have this honor without our exceptional crews of top-notch roofing professionals.

It’s with this in mind that you can be confident that we have what it takes when it comes to winter roof repairs in Lexington and Louisville. With this in mind, here are a few things any good roofing company will consider when taking on a roof repair in the wintertime.

What To Know About Winter Roofing In Louisville and Lexington Kentucky

Roof repair in the winter demands roofing contractors with exceptional skill and experience. This is due to the technical and safety demands of roofing when there’s snow, ice, and cold to contend with.

Technical Challenges:

On the technical side, colder weather impacts the resilience of the materials and tools that are used during the roofing repair process. For example, asphalt shingles become rigid and less flexible causing them to become brittle in colder weather. An experienced and professional roofer will stage their shingle bundles in a warm location (somewhere above 32ºF) and as flat as possible prior to use. Otherwise, deformation and cracking may occur before the shingle even gets installed which is a major no-no!

Another technical challenge with roofing in the winter is with tools and equipment such as nail guns. A certified roofing professional should know to double-check the pressure settings of their nail gun to accommodate for both the colder weather’s impacts on the shingles and underlayment materials that are being nailed down. This is an important detail to remember and is often overlooked by inexperienced roofing contractors.

Safety Concerns:

Here at Big League Roofers, safety is a top priority. When it comes to winter roof repairs and installations, you can rest assured that we have done everything we can to ensure the safety of our crews and our clients, and their property. We always ensure that our crew members have the best gear, and in the winter that includes specific kinds of work clothing and footwear that allow them to do an effective job while staying nice and warm.

We also take extra precautions in the wintertime to avoid slip & fall-related incidents. We take everything into account when prepping for safety, and in the winter we also factor in extra considerations for snowy obstacles that have frozen solid, icy surfaces, frostbite, as well as possible snow slides that could easily push workers and equipment off the roof.

These potential roofing hazards threaten both roofers and people and property on the ground below, so any quality roofing company will be extra cautious when these possibilities are present.

Final Thoughts:

Roofing during the winter months takes more considered preparation and patience – especially in Louisville and Lexington. With that said, it’s important to know that wintertime roof repairs are completely doable when you have the right roofers on the job. Don’t let cold weather stop you from addressing a roofing problem that pops up in the middle of winter; a certified, reliable roofing contractor will be able to recommend both how and when to fix your roofing issue.

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